Sunday, May 20, 2012

So some updates are in order I suppose

We are still alive and kicking. The weather has been beautiful and we are loving it down here so much. As promised here are some before, during and after photos of the house.
the living room from the front door
The living room from the kitchen

The front of the house
The living room during
Master bedroom during
Jina's room

Living room during from upstairs
Master bed completed
Scrap closet

Living room complete from kitchen
Living room complete from upstairs
Jina's room
Front of house with trees in bloom

We took a break from the box madness after a week of being here and took the kiddos to the beach. It was the first time for the twins but not for Jina. Mason took to the water like a fish but Mitchell really needed some serious coaxing.

The next entries that I'll do will be updates to my separate 38 challenges. I'm not doing to bad with the food and reading but the project one I may end up failing miserably at.

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