Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 155 June 4

Oh to be a cat.  Here's the two four legged monsters hanging out in the sun and snoozing for a while.

Day 154 June 3

We spent the day at the park today.  We tried to go pretty early before the major heat set in.  The kids had a ton of fun, got pretty dirty and enjoyed watching the geese.  We then took them to McDonald's where they wore themselves out even more.  So on this day, they actually napped.

Day 153 June 2

So as I'm packing and preparing for the big move.  I'm also trying to purge.  I ran across this lovely piece (snort) that I made in my 11th grade art class.  Why I've hung onto it this long I have no clue.  So it's getting trashed and this photo will last the rest of my time.  And a picture won't take up space.

Day 152 June 1

Another sketch challenge from Scrapshare.  I really love how this layout turned out.

Day 151 May 31

My lilies finally decided to open up.  One of them got eaten by bugs but the other one was so beautiful.

Day 150 May 30

Happy Memorial Day!!!  Thanks to all of our service men and women who have served or are currently serving our country.

We threw some burgers, dogs and polish sausages on the grill for dinner tonight and had mom and dad up to join us.  Mom said summer doesn't officially start until the watermelon has been sliced.  So she brought a big one.  The boys had never had watermelon and I'm not for sure if they liked it or not.

Day 149 May 29

The family gathered at Glen's to celebrate Memorial Day (a day early).  Glen smoked ribs on the grill, mom fixed some beans and potato salad and I followed it all up with dessert.  A great day.

Day 148 May 28

Mom, dad, Glen, Terry and I went to the Margaritaville Festival in Nashville today.  The air was full of the smell of good food on the grills and lots of alcohol.  Mom and Terry indulged in Margaritas while I just stuck with the water.  Glen and dad enjoyed a game tossing bean bag type things back and forth.  While watching the game these guys came to my attention and I realized that there is always some in every crowd.  And you really need to click on the pic to see why it's so funny.

Day 147 May 27

It's amazing some of the pretty things you find when you just take a moment to stop and look.

Day 146 May 26

One of the Scrapshare gals was making her way through TN with her daughter.  So Sara (Goodie) and I met up with her for lunch in Franklin.  So this is me, Sara and Jill (RoadTripJill) outside the restaurant.

Day 145 May 25

Another sketch challenge layout from Scrapshare.  The background was supposed to be a 12x12 photo.  I don't seem to have any of them just laying around so I used a nice piece of patterned paper instead.

Day 144 May 24

Happy birthday dad!!  Mom and dad came over to celebrate dad's birthday.  Mom made a big ole pan of lasagna for dinner then we had chocolate cake for dinner.  The kids enjoyed sitting in coppops laugh (that's lap in twin speak).

Day 143 May 23

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again.  Packing with the twinadoes around is next to impossible.  So here's a funny story for you.  I was in the middle of packing my M&M dispensers when my phone rings.  It's mom and I talk to her for a few and set my phone down.  A do a few random things then go back to finishing the box up.  I tape it shut (really shut) and mark the box.  I then realize that I left my phone in the kitchen.  Well it's not on the counter, any counter.  So I check the bathroom, not there.  So I'm wondering where I've left my phone this time when I hear the faint sound of it ringing.  It's coming from the living room so I figured I probably dropped it on the couch.  But it's not there and I realize that the sound is coming from the box that I had just freshly taped shut.  Grrrr...silly boys had dropped it in there when I wasn't looking.

Day 142 May 22

A layout that I recently did for two challenges.  One was for a sketch challenge on Scrapshare and the other was to use yarn to make a flower for a Scrapbook Heaven challenge.

Day 141 May 21

We've taken to throwing bread crumbs close to the door only to have the squirrels come to the door and terrorize the cats.  But the squirrels have become brave and now come and knock on the door.

Day 140 May 20

It has been very wet and rainy (and cold) so outdoor activity has been very limited with the kids.  I took them out for a little bit today and they of course found all the snails.  Or as Mason kept calling them....schmells.