Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 180 June 29

I've lived in this town for 11 years now and live only a few miles from the Lock and Dam but have never seen a boat go thru the lock. I didn't even know how it worked. So when a small cruise shipped docked at the Riverview restaurant for a few days and we found out that it was going to go thru the lock when it left town we decided to go watch it. It was pretty nifty how it all worked. So here is the Niagara Prince entering the lock.

Day 179 June 28

My four legged baby is just so sweet looking sometimes.  Here's Eragon

Day 178 June 27

Terry went down to the plant to check out the place and on his way he saw this Eagle in the waters off the highway.

Day 177 June 26

We went to Glen and Shannon's for a going away party for Chris who got a great gig with a band in MA.  Trina came over and brought Conner for all of us to drool over.

Day 176 June 25

Shelly, Miles and Esther came up for a little bit today.  We went to McDonalds and had lunch first and let the kids run crazy in the playground area.  Then we came back home and the boys and Esther got on the trampoline.  And yes I did too.

Day 175 June 24

I guess I really am a kid at heart.  I was sitting on the trampoline with the boys and decided to do a little jumping.

Day 174 June 23

We headed across the bay into Mobile this morning.  We went in on I10 and that's the other bridge going in.

Day 173 June 22

We made another trip down to Alabama in the hopes of finding a place to live and a job.  We ran into some pretty nasty weather on the way down.

Day 172 June 21

Another combo layout from Scrapshare and Scrapbook Heaven.

Day 171 June 20

It's scrappy time.  I'm working on two challenges at a time.  I'm trying to get the weekly sketch challenges completed for Scrapshare so I am combining them with the Scrapbook Heaven challenges.  This SB Heaven challenge called for using mostly black and white papers with minimal color.  But it had to include a heart somewhere.

Day 170 June 19

It's Happy Father's day time.  Everyone descended upon our house to celebrate the dads.  Dad and Glen prepared and cooked Cornish game hens on the grill while mom and I took care of the parsley potatoes, wild rice, and corn.  Oh yeah Glen also made yummy cauliflower salad.  And for dessert we had some great strawberry shortcake using the last of Betty's homegrown strawberries.  And it was delicious!  It was a really great evening spent with the family just chilling.  Here is a pic of the guys.