Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 190 July 9

We bought the kids a kiddie pool since they had so much fun playing in it on the 4th.  They are having a blast.

Day 189 July 8

Even nature has it's, uh, moments.  Don't let your younger kids look.

Day 188 July 7

Bloom on Terry's Rose of Sharon bushes.

Day 187 July 6

Bug spray is a must when hanging out on our patio.  Even for just a few minutes.

Day 186 July 5

He can't be king of the house so I guess he's settling for being king of the packed boxes.  At least he knows that Eragon can't reach him up there.

Day 185 July 4

We spent the day with Terry's mom and his family for a cookout.  Terry's mom bought a kiddie pool for the boys and Callie to play in.  They had a blast.  Terry and his brother Danny manned the grill and the spread was put out.  There was enough to feed an army.  I made a cake to celebrate the fourth of July.

Day 184 July 3

Happy anniversary to Terry and I.  We are celebrating 7 years.  Mom and dad took us out to dinner at Olive Garden and as usual I ate to much but it was wonderful.

Day 183 July 2

I have to publish two pics for today.  We went to Summerfest with mom and dad.  While walking around they saw the little kiddie dragon roller coaster and begged to ride it.  We had our doubts about whether they would but turns out that Mitchell absolutely loved it.  Mason I'm not to sure about.  After several hours it was time for the fireworks.

Day 182 July 1

We took the kids down to the park for a little energy burning.  I think the only energy that got burnt was the little bit that I had.  I followed the ducks around snapping pics of them.  A guy pulled up in his truck and all the ducks started waddling to him as fast as they could.  He said he stops there twice a day to feed him so they know him and his truck.

Day 181 June 30

Another layout for the June challenge at Scrapbook Heaven.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great giveaway

Glitz Design is showing off their new lines and they are giving everyone a chance to win some.  Here's a link to their site  Go check them out!