Sunday, February 12, 2012


As an avid scrapper one would expect me to spend a lot of money walking into Joann's on scrapping supplies. However, yesterday as an early Valentines gift I went shopping. I only bought 4 sheets of cardstock and a bottle of glossy accents. The rest of the money......fabric. For two different projects mind you. I'm going to get started on a lap quilt as a gift and then I'm going to tackle something a little bit harder (for me anyway). Can you tell I may be becoming obsessed with quilting? I'll post a sneak peak at the fabric for my next project. It may let me know who reads this. I also looked at a lot of yarn but figured I have 2 projects started that need to be finished and I have a third that I need to start. Plus I have about 10 balls of yarn that haven't even been opened yet. Guess I should do something with all that stuff first huh? That's if Isis (the newer kitty) doesn't eat it all first.