Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 169 June 18

Strangely enough it's the little things that fascinate me.  Like the new Kool-Aid flavor Red, White and Blue.  It starts out red then turns to blue.  I guess the white is the water or the pitcher not for sure which.

Day 168 June 17

With Father's Day coming up I needed to make some cards.  Thankfully the gals at Scrapbook Heaven are having a crop all summer long and this card came from Jules.  Thanks for the inspiration!!

Day 167 June 16

There's nothing that screams summer more than burgers, dogs and brats on the grill.  Yummy.

Day 166 June 15

Two years ago for halloween we tried to dress the boys up as monkeys.  They however refused to wear the headpieces.  So fast forward 2 years and the headpieces were still in the trunk of my car.  (Guess that's saying that I need to clean my car out.)  Anyway, they won't take the silly things off now.

Day 165 June 14

Today's view is of the very fluffy white belly of Eragon.  I think sometime he just deliberately poses for me.  And darned if cats don't lay in some strange uncomfortable looking positions.