Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 133 May 13

In a break from the rain I managed to get outside and snap a few pics of the roses that are starting to bloom.  I can't wait for them to finish opening.

Day 132 May 12

I saw the recipe posted for this on Facebook and thought it looked and sounded yummy.  And it was.  Almost a bit to sweet but still good.  And only 5 ingredients.  Peanut butter, eggs, brown sugar, Bisquick and mini chocolate chips.

Day 131 May 11

Peekaboo.  This was before I squirted him for eating the plant.

Day 130 May 10

I finally got my new phone.  It was supposed to have been free 2 day shipping but I guess that wasn't the case.  It took almost a week to go from Memphis to here.  It went from Memphis to Jackson, MS to Nashville to here.  But I've finally got it here and have officially retired the Keebler Elf phone.  And the best part?  It's purple.

Day 129 May 9

Oh to be a cat.  If there are next lives then I want to be a cat.  Eat, sleep, play, sleep some more and sleep even more.  yeah, sounds like a good life to me.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 128 May 8

Terry actually took this pic but it was a really great pic so I had to showcase it for today.  Terry, Jina, dad, Glen and Shannon all went to the Great Air Show in Smyrna featuring the Thunderbirds.  They said it was hotter than Hades but they had fun.  Afterwards mom, dad, Terry, Jina, the twins and I went out to dinner at the Chinese restaurant.  Mom and I spent the day with the twins going to the park, McDonalds and playing with chalk.  It was a great way to spend Mother's Day.

Day 127 May 7

When asked what I wanted for Mother's Day I said all I wanted to do was go to a NSD crop and spend a little money if I wanted.  So that's what I did.  Betty came down and rode with me to the crop and we met up with Susan.  We had a great time just talking, laughing and eating.  Oh and of course scrapping.  I got 7 pages done in that 8 hour time frame which wasn't to bad.  This is the goodie bag that we received upon arrival.

Day 126 May 6

I love the smell of spring.  This year it carries the strong smell of honeysuckle and these wild flowers.  The smell is so strong sometimes.

Day 125 May 5

More from the packing nightmare.  I'm running out of room to put boxes.  I can't put them in the kitchen or livingroom because the kids get into them but I can't put them in the basement because it's to wet.  So I'm slowly piling myself out of room.

Day 124 May 4

The bluebirds are getting their nests ready in the birdhouse.  Guess this may pose a problem soon when we try to move.

Day 123 May 3

Breakfast of champions.  Or just really hungry moms who don't care what they eat just that they have a few minutes to eat.

Day 122 May 2

Poor little puppy.  She's so mistreated.  Yeah right.

Day 121 May 1

Terry and I had put the kids to bed after a long day of play.  They crashed pretty much instantly.  We watched a little tv to catch up on some shows then headed to the family room for a little computer time.  At 5 minutes to 8pm, bam, boom crash.  Then the power went out.  We figured another tree had slid off the hill and took out the lines but the cars were still moving up and down the highway.  Come to find out the neighbors had a tree to snap in half and land on the line leading to the house which snapped from the main line blowing that transformer.  2 1/2  hours later we finally got our power back on.  But it wasn't so bad.  Terry, Jina and I plopped on the couch and Terry played games on the laptop, Jina played her gameboy and I read by flashlight.

Day 120 April 30

The day of the party turned out to be such a gorgeous day.  A few friends that I haven't seen in years were able to join us as well as a lot of other friends.  All of the ex-Opryland employees took a moment to strike a pose.

Day 119 April 29

We usually always have a big cookout during Memorial weekend.  However since we knew we were going to be knee deep in packing or in the process of the move we decided to have the cookout early.  I love having parties and planning parties.  I also love making food for the masses.

Day 118 April 28

Just a close up of one of my irises.  I just can't help myself when it comes to flowers.  They are my passion.

Day 117 April 27

Of course here's more flowers for you.  These are the flowers blooming off a bush that my aunt and uncle got us when the boys were born.

Day 116 April 26

We are in the midst of packing, cleaning and purging.  But doing any of the three with the little twinadoes around is next to impossible.  I left the room for a bit to move some things and came back to find this little surprise.

Day 115 April 25

Calipiters are everywhere right now.  And the boys know how to find them all.  Poor little calipiters.  I feel so sorry for them.

Day 114 April 24

The Easter bunny hooked us all up on Easter Sunday.  Jina got a big chocolate bunny with a $20 Walmart gift card, Terry and I both got a Star Wars M&M dispenser, and boys got a lot of chalk and puzzles.  When the weather cleared enough the helper bunnies quickly hid the eggs in the yard and then the boys were released for the hunt.

Day 113 April 23

On the eve of Easter Sunday mom came over to help the boys color Easter eggs.  What a fun endeavor that was.  We all had dyed hands by the time that was finished but the eggs were oh so cute.

Day 112 April 22

I got to meet one of my Scrapshare sisters today at the Opryland Hotel.  She's been on my want to meet list for quite some time so I jumped at the chance.  We had a wonderful time at Cracker Barrel just talking and laughing.  I felt that I had known her my whole life.  So here is a pic of Freda and I at the hotel.

Day 111 April 21

On one of our few and far between days without rain I decided to give Terry a break and took the kids down to mom and dad's for a little while.  They really enjoyed the day blowing bubbles with grandma and playing with all the dandelions.  We also took a walk along the banks of the river and toured the almost completed Riverview restaurant.

Day 110 April 20

More fun pics of my irises.  The peach ones opened first then the purple ones opened up.  Of course they are my favorite.  Too bad they don't last very long.

Day 109 April 19 I guess it's true.  There really is Fruit in the Middle.

I had cut out the info from the box for the mail in rebate and Mason grabbed the box.  It just begged for a picture.

Day 108 April 18

My Irises are finally in full bloom.  They are looking quite beautiful too.

Day 107 April 17

Some of the simplest things in life are watching your kids have fun playing with nature.  What's more than a good ole fashioned dandelion?

Day 106 April 16

I bought Terry some new flowers today.  Just because.

Day 105 April 15

This day's photo actually has a real story to go with it.  About 1am Terry woke up and said he was hearing "that noise".  I told him he was crazy that I didn't hear anything.  "That noise" is a noise that sounds like a small child screaming or an animal in mortal agony.  We've heard it once or twice before but only for a few moments and usually far away.  Tonight it was close.  I finally heard it to and Terry realized it was coming from the front yard.  We watched the yard by the light of the streetlight just hoping to see our mysterious noise maker when...there it was...a dog?  Nope.  More correctly it looked to be a coyote.  We watched off and on for almost an hour as it kept darting in and out of the bushes and screaming it's painful sounding scream.  We realized it must have a mate in the bushes.
We went back to bed but I decided that Jina probably shouldn't walk to the bus stop just in case.  When we got up at 6am I looked outside and low and behold what is sound asleep in my driveway?  Yep the noisy critter.  That started up his racket again.  And because of him, Jina was late for school because I wasn't going outside until he was gone.  After it became daylight, we realized it wasn't a coyote either.