Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 226 August 14

Spent a little of the early afternoon watching Pablo-cam.

Day 225 August 13

Nothing like playing with magnets.  What I started Jina finished and made it look nicer.

Day 224 August 12

Today was officially the first day of school for Jina.  Granted it was only a half day.  When she got home we all piled into the car, hit the drive thru at McDonald's and hung out at the park for a while.  Jina had fun feeding the ducks while the kids played.  We had to call it an early day due to be bothered by the bugs way to much.

Day 223 August 11

The boys were chasing each other round and round the house when somehow Mitchell ended up getting tripped up and took a sideways header into the cabinets.  The result.  This shiny new addition to his face.

Day 222 August 10

The kids and their creations.  Mason loves playing with his Legos.  He doesn't really build much but he thinks he does.  And Mitchell, well he really just likes having his pic taken.

Day 221 August 9

Ah what a beautiful day.  Perfect for laying on the trampoline and watching the sky go by.

Day 220 August 8

Mitchell is the hoarder of the stuffed animals but occasionally he'll let Mason play with them.

Day 219 August 7

Happy birthday Terry!  We went to his mom's house for the day and while we were gone Jina baked him a cake.

Day 218 August 6

Peach cobbler.  Nuff said.

Day 217 August 5

Scrapping in and of itself is difficult sometimes.  You have to have the right mindset and a variety of other factors.  So when a 16# cat decides to make himself at home in the middle of your layout it kinda complicates things.

Day 216 August 4

Terry went outside to toss some bread to the squirrels and birds and saw this little guy eating pineapple rinds.  Isn't it so cute.

Day 215 August 3

Sitting outside with the kiddos enjoying the day while they splash and I blog.

Day 214 August 2

Back to the packing.  I decided to tackle the livingroom closet today.  All the board games, records and other misc. junk went into the boxes.  Here it all is nice and neatly packed.

Day 213 August 1

My latest goofing off project.  The colors are bad in this pic, they are actually pink, peach and orange.  When it's done it will be a coupon holder.

Day 212 July 31

A cute random picture of the boys.  Rare to get them together, standing still and not fighting.

Day 211 July 30

Since our zoo membership was close to expiring we decided to take a last trip.  We got up early and left early in the hopes of beating the heat.  However it was raining all the way there and drizzled the first half hour or so.  Then the humidity and heat kicked in.

Day 210 July 29

Terry loves the hummingbirds.  So while he was at Tractor Supply he couldn't pass up this beauty of a feeder.

Day 209 July 28

Terry and I were playing Rift on this day when we heard a loud boom followed by another boom.  We got up and went onto the patio and saw a huge dust cloud coming from the highway behind the house.  A few days later we found that our assumptions of a truck hitting the embankment were spot on.  This was borrowed from the fire departments Facebook page.

Day 208 July 27

I picked up some fresh bananas from the grocery store and decided to also go ahead and pick up the ingredients for a banana pudding.  It dawned on me that I've never made banana pudding before.

Day 207 July 26

So I finally gave into the hype and got The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo from the library.  I have to honestly say I don't understand the hype.  First off it was well over half way into the book before it got remotely interesting.  And parts of it were overly predictable.  But I read it.

Day 206 July 25

Smarty pants kids.  I tell them to pick up their toys.  Guess I should be more specific.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day 205 July 24

Another Scrapshare/Scrapbook Heaven combo layout.

Day 204 July 23

The boys helped me make the dough for pigs in blankets.  They had a blast rolling it out.  When they were done they couldn't wait to eat the piggies.

Day 203 July 22

We took the kids to the park for a few minutes (because it was way to hot to stay to long).  While we were there we let the kids feed the ducks.

Day 202 July 21

Just hanging with some friends.  Now to figure out which of the 4 friends do I want to hang with more.  Hmmmmm.  I love Rift time.

Day 201 July 20

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's.....speedy dog!!

Day 200 July 19

It's another scrappy type day.  Another ScrapbookHeaven layout with a Scrapshare weekly challenge thrown in.

Day 199 July 18

The boys on the trampoline.  They love going jumping.  Look at the lift on Mason.

Day 198 July 17

Anytime we go outside you'll find Eragon at the closest door scratching to get out.  This time I guess he gave up and just collapsed.

Day 197 July 16

And the day is finally here.  The one we have waited months for.  Betty watched the boys so Terry, Jina and I could enjoy it.  So sad that it is over.  Can you guess what it is?

Day 196 July 15

I got up late one morning to find the house strangely silent.  So I looked out on the patio and the kids were playing in the pool and with the water guns we had bought the day before.  But it looked like the kids were ganging up on poor Terry.

Day 195 July 14

I figure I do tons of posts with the cats that occasionally I should show off Salem.  Please behold her majesty in all her slobberness.

Day 194 July 13

Today is a layout from a sketch at ScrapbookHeavenGA.  I really loved how this layout turned out.

Day 193 July 12

After a busy day of running around the house with Jina and Mitchell then several hours in the pool poor Mason just pooped out.

Day 192 July 11

Another 2 years after the storms pic.  This is of the two pines by the garage that had their tops chopped off.  One of them went through the garage roof.

Day 191 July 10

Just a little over 2 years ago our area was hit hard by some storms.  The tree next to the trampoline was split in two.  The half that fell barely missed the trampoline.  Here is a close of the split 2 years later.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Day 190 July 9

We bought the kids a kiddie pool since they had so much fun playing in it on the 4th.  They are having a blast.

Day 189 July 8

Even nature has it's, uh, moments.  Don't let your younger kids look.

Day 188 July 7

Bloom on Terry's Rose of Sharon bushes.

Day 187 July 6

Bug spray is a must when hanging out on our patio.  Even for just a few minutes.

Day 186 July 5

He can't be king of the house so I guess he's settling for being king of the packed boxes.  At least he knows that Eragon can't reach him up there.

Day 185 July 4

We spent the day with Terry's mom and his family for a cookout.  Terry's mom bought a kiddie pool for the boys and Callie to play in.  They had a blast.  Terry and his brother Danny manned the grill and the spread was put out.  There was enough to feed an army.  I made a cake to celebrate the fourth of July.

Day 184 July 3

Happy anniversary to Terry and I.  We are celebrating 7 years.  Mom and dad took us out to dinner at Olive Garden and as usual I ate to much but it was wonderful.

Day 183 July 2

I have to publish two pics for today.  We went to Summerfest with mom and dad.  While walking around they saw the little kiddie dragon roller coaster and begged to ride it.  We had our doubts about whether they would but turns out that Mitchell absolutely loved it.  Mason I'm not to sure about.  After several hours it was time for the fireworks.

Day 182 July 1

We took the kids down to the park for a little energy burning.  I think the only energy that got burnt was the little bit that I had.  I followed the ducks around snapping pics of them.  A guy pulled up in his truck and all the ducks started waddling to him as fast as they could.  He said he stops there twice a day to feed him so they know him and his truck.

Day 181 June 30

Another layout for the June challenge at Scrapbook Heaven.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Great giveaway

Glitz Design is showing off their new lines and they are giving everyone a chance to win some.  Here's a link to their site  Go check them out!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day 180 June 29

I've lived in this town for 11 years now and live only a few miles from the Lock and Dam but have never seen a boat go thru the lock. I didn't even know how it worked. So when a small cruise shipped docked at the Riverview restaurant for a few days and we found out that it was going to go thru the lock when it left town we decided to go watch it. It was pretty nifty how it all worked. So here is the Niagara Prince entering the lock.

Day 179 June 28

My four legged baby is just so sweet looking sometimes.  Here's Eragon