Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 29

Can you believe it's already the end of January?  After all the snow and cold we had a very beautiful day today.  It's strange how we celebrate 50 degrees around here.  So we took the kids outside for a while and tried to teach them to ride their bikes.  We ended up playing frisbee, if you want to call it that.  So here are two pics of the kids from today.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 28

I had fun playing with the dog and her duck today.  She's serious about that duck.  You should see what happened to the squirrel.  First thing to go is the squeaker.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 27

I was really wondering if anything good was going to happen today for me to get a picture of.  I had a fall back of a card that I had created today if I didn't get anything else.  But I happened to look up from my computer before dinner and saw this.  So I grabbed the camera and out I went.

Day 26

Two pics for you today from the overnight Snowapalooza 3.  As you can tell we got just a little over 2 inches but alas it was enough to shut this entire town usual.

Day 25

So this isn't really a great shot but at the time I thought it was interesting.  It's a timed shot of the snow falling at night.

Day 24

Time for some more of Jina's artwork.  She has decided to create her own planet and these are some of the inhabitants and plant life of the planet.

Day 23

Shadow has an interesting yawn.  I kept telling him that one of these days that I was going to grab a pic of him.

This day was also the AFC NFL playoff day and our Steelers were in the playoffs against the Jets.  It was a very intense game and after much celebrating at the end of the game with our win, then moose didn't make it.  Guess that's why you shouldn't jump around so much with a lot of breakables around.

Day 22

I'm a member of a scrapbooking board called Scrapbookheavenga and they had their January crop on the 22nd.  Here is a page that I completed from Carla's sketch.  This was actually a card sketch but I decided to try a layout with it as well.

Day 21

My husband and I are sometimes bad people.  Our younger cat, Shadow, is a little psychotic so we like to do things to antagonize him.  Like crumble up bread in front of the patio doors.

Day 20

What I loveingly refer to as Snowapalooza 2.  Our house overlooks a major highway so when bad weather hits we often get to watch all the shouldn't be out on the road drivers lose control.  As shown here when a car ends up in the ditch.

Day 18

I was taught how to crochet my a wonderful friend Carol at a scrapbooking retreat back in October.  My first project was an afghan for Jina which I have yet to finish.  So other than a potholder this is my first real completed project.  I made this for my mom's birthday.

Day 16

In my profile I say that I'm a scrapper so occassionally (OK, actually this is only the 2nd thing) I like to alter something.  So here is a pic of my altered tin.

Day 14

Our daughter Jina is a fantastic artist so I'll sometimes show her art some love here.

Day 12

Talk about your bad hair days.  The twins wake up with some serious bed head sometimes.

Day 11

Yep it's my Shadow cat enjoying the heat again.  This time he stole my chair.

Day 10

One of the many snow days we've had so far this year.  Salem loves the snow and rooting around in it.  I call her my snow dog.

Day 9

I love to watch the twins sleep.  They sleep in some of the oddest and most uncomfortable looking positions.  This is Mitchell wrapped in his sheet.

Day 8

The next day I managed to catch a shot was Day 8.

Terry said Shadow is definitely my cat. He likes to be as close to the heat as possible, just like me.

Project 365

On Scrapshare there is a group for a Project 365. Now what this is about is to post a picture every single day of the year. And it can be of anything. It's just a way to document the simple things in your life. Now granted I'm getting a late start to this but I was inspired by Cyn's blog. So I will put in the days that I have pics for so far and hopefully keep up after that.

Day 1 Right after the clock struck midnight I took this pic of almost everyone that was at our house celebrating the day.