Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally moved

Sorry it's been a while. We are, after two weeks, pretty much moved in. We have about 20 boxes left to go to be unpacked. I'll update later with a few before, during and after pics. We are really loving it here. The weather has been fantastic and we are only 45 minutes from the ocean. Can't go wrong with that. The daughter has finally gotten settled into her new school and she seems to really like it.

As for you can well imagine everything was pretty much put on hold except for reading. I've finished two books since the move started. The first was The Race by Clive Cussler. As much as I love Clive I'm really just not a huge fan of his Issac Bell series. I find them to be rather dull and lack luster compared to his other series.

The second was Water for Elephants. I'm not really sure how I felt about this book. It was good but not one I'd rush out to talk about. I finished it but I can't really say that I loved it. I think I really just wanted to see how it ended.

More posts later as I get settled back into a routine.

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