Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New recipe number 9 & 10

Oops fell behind a bit. I've also gotten very bad about taking pictures. But anyway. Both of these recipes were from the newest Simple and Delicious magazine.

Number 9
Parsley Crusted Cod-I try really hard to make fish for the family but it always seems to fail miserably. We can't find any that we like. And this was no exception. It was blah at best. I really can't say much else. I can't think of anything that could possibly have made it better. The twins hated it and would not eat it at all which is odd for my "Mikey-ish" son. My daughter said it was ok, and the hubby said he'd rather I didn't fix it again. Oh well, back to the fish board.

Number 10
Chicken Pamesean Couscous-This is supposed to be made using leftover chicken from the number 8 recipe that I posted. I did use some leftovers from it but had to make and extra chicken breast to go with it. So.......all we have to say is "Oh my God please don't ever in a million years make this again". It was awful. Almost to the point of dumping it off in the woods to the wild life and run to McDonalds awful. I'm serious. It was so dry you could barely choke it down.

So that's the recipe rundown there. I actually think I may have a Couscous pic but I'll have to check.

There are a few more recipes that I've made that I'll update later with.

Here is the pic of the couscous.

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