Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New recipe 11 and 12

Almost caught up. No pictures for these though. But here are the two new recipes and my thoughts on them. Both came from the newest Simple and Delicious. I wore that issue out.

Best Ever Pizza - It was good. I thought the crust was a little rubbery. Don't know why. Everyone thought it was really good. I'll make it again. It's inexpensive. I'm going to try some different toppings next time.

Chili Hash - My main problem with this is one of the ingredients is Chili Starter. Can't find it. But according to what I found online it's basically beans and sauce. So that's what I used. I won't make it again. It was kinda dry and very bland. I'm used to seasonings but the first time I make a recipe I try to follow it. It needed.....a lot of things. I would drop the peas and add corn. My dad sat and picked all the peas out of his. He had a plateful of peas left over.

I'll have one more to talk about tomorrow and maybe a layout. It's been awhile since I've posted anything scrappy.

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