Monday, January 23, 2012


Guess I should have said a little of what went on in life between my last post in August to the present.

Eragon had surgery at the end of September to have a mass removed from his back. It was cancerous and unfortunately came back the day after my birthday and the day after I came back from my scrap retreat in Alabama. He left this world on November 3. Thankfully it was a busy weekend so I didn't have a lot of time to dwell on it.

Mom and I went to the grand opening of Archivers on the fourth where she proceeded to get most of my Christmas shopping done. On the fifth we celebrated Jina's 16th birthday. That doesn't seem possible but I guess time does fly. We had a dinner at Logan's and then hung out at the Family Fun Center.

Thanksgiving was great. Shannon's family joined us for dinner this year so it was a busy big meal.

Oh the Saturday before Thanksgiving we got a new kitty and we named her Isis. She's a little insane but she fits right in.

Christmas was great as always. Santa was good to all three kids and the adults all got a little something we all really wanted. New Years was a blast. We had some new comers to the festival this year and it was so good to see Shirley and meet her new beau Michael.

So we are up to the present and I promise I'll post a few pics eventually.

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