Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 143 May 23

I've said it before and I'm going to say it again.  Packing with the twinadoes around is next to impossible.  So here's a funny story for you.  I was in the middle of packing my M&M dispensers when my phone rings.  It's mom and I talk to her for a few and set my phone down.  A do a few random things then go back to finishing the box up.  I tape it shut (really shut) and mark the box.  I then realize that I left my phone in the kitchen.  Well it's not on the counter, any counter.  So I check the bathroom, not there.  So I'm wondering where I've left my phone this time when I hear the faint sound of it ringing.  It's coming from the living room so I figured I probably dropped it on the couch.  But it's not there and I realize that the sound is coming from the box that I had just freshly taped shut.  Grrrr...silly boys had dropped it in there when I wasn't looking.

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