Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 105 April 15

This day's photo actually has a real story to go with it.  About 1am Terry woke up and said he was hearing "that noise".  I told him he was crazy that I didn't hear anything.  "That noise" is a noise that sounds like a small child screaming or an animal in mortal agony.  We've heard it once or twice before but only for a few moments and usually far away.  Tonight it was close.  I finally heard it to and Terry realized it was coming from the front yard.  We watched the yard by the light of the streetlight just hoping to see our mysterious noise maker when...there it was...a dog?  Nope.  More correctly it looked to be a coyote.  We watched off and on for almost an hour as it kept darting in and out of the bushes and screaming it's painful sounding scream.  We realized it must have a mate in the bushes.
We went back to bed but I decided that Jina probably shouldn't walk to the bus stop just in case.  When we got up at 6am I looked outside and low and behold what is sound asleep in my driveway?  Yep the noisy critter.  That started up his racket again.  And because of him, Jina was late for school because I wasn't going outside until he was gone.  After it became daylight, we realized it wasn't a coyote either.

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